3 simple steps to use MobiTexter App.

  • Step 1: Install MobiTexter Android App.

    Get it on Google Play Amazon Fire

  • Step 2: Register with us from App and sync your contacts with Google.
    Only synced contacts with Google will come as suggestion while composing sms in MobiTexter.
  • Step 3: Click here and start sending and receiving text on the browser.

MobiTexter only sends messages through your registered android device. Any message sent through MobiTexter will go through your phone via your network provider. These are the steps followed when you send SMS through MobiTexter

  • User composes an SMS & sends it to his friend(s) on mobitexter.net
  • MobiTexter’s cloud then forwards the sms to the app installed on your Android device within a moment. MobiTexter app sends the same message from your mobile.
  • Then SMS is sent to all friend(s) mentioned while composing.

In this way MobiTexter works as a mediator which takes SMS input from the user on the webpage and does the rest of the work for you.

You can send free messages to other MobiTexter Android users i.e users with icon next to their name.

Otherwise messages will sent through your device and SMS charges will be same as what your network provider is charging you.

* Free Texting is not applicable to non MobiTexter Users.

To sync contacts go to Settings > Account and sync > 'your registered Google account' > Sync Contacts

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Set up your Android for Google Apps

All the messages send or received by MobiTexter will also be there on your device Functioning of SMS on your device will work as normal. Messages will come in your message box. Delivery notification, send/receive date,time or any other function will be there as per your device local setting.

Data security is a high priority for mobitexter. All of your SMSs routed via MobiTexter(send or received) are encrypted with the latest highly secure encryption algorithms, ensuring complete authenticity and security of your data.

MobiTexter gives you an option to allow access to Google Contacts. By doing this you don’t need to remember the contact numbers to send messages via MobiTexter. Once permission is given, MobiTexter displays a list of contacts as soon as you start typing a name or a number.

MobiTexter sync only last 50 older messages that were present before installing the app.
If you are using any app which provides a setting to disable message notifications (eg GoSMS), please uncheck the option for Disabling Notification.
If you are using GoSMS please follow the instructions below to fix it:
1. Launch GoSMS app on your Android Mobile.
2. Under 'Menu -> Settings -> Receive Settings' - Uncheck the box that says 'Disable other message notification'.
3. Now, see if incoming messages are properly coming on MobiTexter.

1. Uninstall mobitexter application from your android phone.
2. Visit here to Revoke access for mobitexter from google account. Please note that we are not storing users contact in our system, its fetched from Google Contacts. This will revoke all access from mobitexter so your account will be completely closed.